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Marcos Aurelio has worked as a professional illustrator  since 1991 and has published artworks in the 3 markets:  publicity, publishers and scientific.

As ilustration is based on tradicional art, practising different art techniques helped Marcos fine tune his own style.

Nowadays Marcos uses pop art to represent his ideas.

Marcos has always appreciatted stained glasses. His pop arts are a review of this art style combining its colors and contrasts with digital production
The structure of Marcos' art is based on stained glass style but with exclusive style: the foreground with the main theme and background  with icons reinforcing the foreground.

Marcos' creation process:
After a few sketches, one is finally chosen to be digitally worked on with Corel Draw (vector design software). After a study of colors it is finalized and sent to a special printing process on Epson printer plotter on Canvas (Gyclee Fine Art ). It is then mounted over a wooden chassis and signed and stamped by the artist.

Etapa 1 - Desenho Etapa 2 - Tucano Etapa 3 - Ploter Etapa 4 - Impresso Etapa 5 - Estica Etapa 6 - Assina


Issues such as Environment, Sustainability and Clean Energy has always motivated the artist, since the beginning of his career, to develop his popart artworks.

In 2008, he had the opportunity to develop themes about the flora and fauna of the Fernando de Noronha´s archipelago(Brazilian Island).

At the invitation of the Project TAMAR (project aimed to the sea turtles preservation ) he has done in July/2008 his first popart exhibition called “Natural World-wide Patrimony – Atlantic Brazilian Islands” with twenty artworks that opened the Environment Week.

Below, artworks that have been exposed.

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